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Distance Learning University for Adults & Professionals.

Specialist, Bachelor's, Master's, Doctor Ph.D. Degree Online via distance learning.


Bircham International University
BIU Graduates


Bircham International University graduates belong to the elite that demonstrates the willpower to improve and to succeed. It is a great honor to include new graduates with potential and capacity among the BIU alumni.


A degree involves a great deal of responsibility, both for the graduate and for those around. Learning does not come to the end the day you receive a diploma. It is a life-long, enriching process. The main objective behind the assignments completed is to provide a sound foundation to continue building knowledge. Our aim is to provide a broader awareness of the different aspects of the specialization, to encourage continuos learning, and to inspire.

Completing a distance learning degree program should not mean an end; it should be the beginning of a new and exciting stage in life.


Distance degree programs Bircham International University


Graduation Documents


Graduation documents are always issued in English, and will be updated according to the latest regulations or formats adopted by Bircham International University. These documents may be issued and legalized from the USA (Delaware) or Europe (Spain). If you do not express any preference, the documents will be issued from Spain.

Bircham International University issues the following graduation documents:

1. Diploma: It shows the full graduate name, degree program, date, issuing country and signature of the Dean of the Faculty, the President and Registrar. It does not specify any distance learning information.

2. Transcript. It shows all of the credits accounted towards the degree, including the credits transferred from previous education, and the corresponding grades. It includes the Diploma Supplement information, as required by European Higher Education guidelines.

3. Translation: One document translation that includes the main information extracted from the diploma and the transcript, and ID picture. It may be issued in several languages.

4. Evaluation Reports. They show the evaluation details of all the academic work submitted to BIU: reports, project or thesis.

5. Transcript Attachment: Provides a detailed description of the courses and the credits listed in the Transcript. It may be issued in several languages.


Distance degree programs Bircham International University


Graduation Ceremony


Bircham International University students may start and finish their distance learning degree programs any date along the year, so there is never a good time and a good place for everybody to celebrate a big graduation ceremony.

Individual Graduation Picture
The BIU office has a set of graduation caps and gowns available for any graduate wishing to take an individual graduation picture. The student must schedule an appointment for this picture taking. There is no charge for this picture set up. If you wish, we may publish your pictures on the BIU web.

Graduation Ceremony
BIU organizes several graduation ceremonies every year around the world. All BIU graduates who wish to receive their diploma at an official graduation ceremony are welcome to attend. BIU does not provide graduation rings or any other regalia. The dates, cost and details of each graduation event will be confirmed in due time. More info...


We certainly hope that we satisfied your educational expectations, thus leading to the fulfillment of your professional objectives. We also want you to remember that although you have now completed your program, we will always be ready to assist you.



Bircham International University
BIU Graduates